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The Civil Rights Martyrs

1. Rev. George Lee
2. Lamar Smith
3. Emmett Louis Till
4. John Earl Reese
5. Willie Edwards, Jr.
6. Mack Charles Parker
7. Herbert Lee
8. CPL. Roman Ducksworth, Jr.
9. Paul Guihard
10. William Lewis Moore
11. Medgar Evers
12. Addie Mae Collins
13. Denise McNair
14. Carole Robertson
15. Cynthia Wesley
16. Virgil Lamar Ware
17. Johnnie Mae Chappell
18. Louis Allen
19. Rev. Bruce Klunder
20. Henry Hezekiah Dee
21. Charles Eddie Moore
22. James Earl Chaney
23. Andrew Goodman
24. Michael Henry Schwerner
25. Lt. Col. Lemuel Penn
26. Jimmie Lee Jackson
27. Rev. James Reeb
28. Viola Greg Liuzzo
29. Oneal Moore
30. Willie Brewster
31. Jonathan Myrick Daniels
32. Samuel Leamon Younge, Jr.
33. Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer
34. Ben Chester White
35. Clarence Triggs
36. Wharlest Jackson
37. Benjamin Brown
38. Samuel Ephesians Hammond, Jr.
39. Delano Herman Middleton
40. Henry Ezekial Smith
41. Martin Luther King, Jr.



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