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Civil Rights Scrapbook

Students will choose a notable event from the Civil Rights Movement from the list below. In groups of 3, students will create a scrapbook portraying their chosen event. They will include topics such as important people, summaries of the event, outcomes of the event, dates, etc.

Scrapbook Topics:

  • Brown vs. Board of Education
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Events at Central High School in Arkansas
  • Sit – Ins
  • Freedom Rides
  • Selma & the Voting Rights
  • Children of the Civil Rights


  1. Choose one of the above topics.
  2. Research your topic with your group in the library. Gather as much information as possible. This will be your only day to research during class.
  3. Thursday, in class you will begin creating your scrapbook portraying your chosen Civil Rights event.
  4. You will complete and present your scrapbook on Friday, April 19th.


  1. Your scrapbook must be at least 6 pages in length. (This includes front & back pages.) Of course, it may be longer than this.
  2. You must include at least 3 pictures. These may be drawn, photocopied, magazine pictures, pictures from the Internet, or real photographs.
  3. Everything in your scrapbook MUST have a caption or explanation to accompany it. This includes all pictures, items, etc.
  4. You must write at least 1 journal entry from a notable person from your event. Although this journal is made up by you, it must have information and wording that your individual would have used.
  5. You must include dates of your event.
  6. You must include at least five 3-D objects pertaining to your event. Remember these must have captions. Some materials will be provided for you; however, you will want to bring some things from home.
  7. You must include a paragraph describing the event that you have chosen. Discuss the cause and effects of your event.
  8. Your scrapbook should have a cover presenting the “title” of your event.
  9. A grade sheet will be given to each group member at the completion of the project. Each member will list which sections of the scrapbook were completed by each group member. Then he will rate what grade he thinks each group member should receive. This will be completely confidential.

Developed by: Mary Ruffin Moore, Central High School-West, Tuscaloosa, AL.



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